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Protect your home.

For many of us, our home is a place of comfort and joy. Home is where the heart is: it’s where we raise our families; where we spend hours decorating to make it our own. Oftentimes, it’s also one of the biggest investments we make and one we want and need to protect. If you are in the process of buying home insurance or want to compare home insurance rates, get in touch with us to get started on the process. We offer homeowners insurance quotes to help you find the perfect fit, and the best home insurance rates available.

Understanding what and how your policy provides coverage is the first step in assuring the proper protection for your home and any other important investments. A standard homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for the following four essential areas:

Now that you know the four essential areas of coverage,

It is easier to determine if you are adequately protected.

Insurance is complicated, but we can help. If you are unsure about any of the following, please contact us.

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Protect Your Investment

How will damage resulting from a flood be covered?

Homeowner policies typically do not include coverage for damage caused by flood or surface waters. A separate flood policy would be needed to provide any coverage for damage to your dwelling or personal property in the event of such severe weather. The National Flood Insurance Program can provide this type of additional protection. In certain high risk areas, the Federal Government mandates this coverage. Please see your insurance agent to determine your risk level.

What if you don’t own your home, do you still need insurance protection?

Yes. Homeowners aren’t our only policyholders. At Brosky Insurance Agency, Inc. we work with a variety of carriers to offer coverage to meet everyone’s needs.


Whether you rent a portion of your home or you are the landlord for a multiple family dwelling, we can help protect you.


Even if you are renting, you still need protection. You are responsible for your own personal property, possible loss of use, and personal liability. We can help protect you.


If you own a condo or mobile home, seasonal dwelling, or watercraft, we can help protect you.